The Obscurity of This Week’s Words

The obscurity of this week’s words

should be called

Revisting the Nut Museum


there are dead animals hanging off the side of your house

Damn it. And

oh pish posh…

Socialism Hurts: Pray

pray because

Jesus Falls the First Time is so illuminatingly clever it should be a poem


the poets are full-moonish today

and we’re about to be

ambushed by a room full of cat ladies

But I do

love Pops atop dunes


Is that moonshine in your back seat?

Whooooo cooks for me!
Whooooo cooks for me!

Words spoken, written, or glimpsed in the past week. Get over it. ©2019, Jen Payne. IMAGE: Nutcracker by Jim Dine, 1973.

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