5 – Facing West at 4pm and Reading Anne Lamott

Jesus was a rabbit,
schooled by rabbits,
who thought like rabbits.

Rabbits upon being asked a question by a disciple usually answered with a paradoxical inquiry or a story, like:

Does seeing the light mean being blinded from the truth?


If we are made in god’s image and we are animals, is it wrong to assert that Jesus was a rabbit? (Discuss.)


Is this mondegreen of “rabbis” sacrilegious or simply a chance to see the Mann who was likewise Blinded by the Light?

Poem ©2019, Jen Payne. Misread text from Anne Lamott’s Almost Everything: Notes on Hope. Thank you Anne Lamott and Manfred Mann, can’t get either of you out of my head today! National Poetry Month #5 and NaPoWriMo poem. #NaPoWriMo. For more poetry by Jen Payne, purchase a copy of Evidence of Flossing: What We Leave Behind! BUY THE BOOK TODAY!

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