This I Will Savor


Malign these days as you will, but I know how fondly I will think on them when the thermometer turns upside down.

When we are 64 days into summer instead of winter, in those dogs days not fit for man or beast…I will think about yesterday.


Yesterday at 8 a.m. as the snow fell through the quiet treetops, and the only sounds in the woods were two sets of footsteps and an occasional chickadee marking time.

Yesterday, as we followed deer tracks through the filigree of white lace branches…

…and back along the main trail in such delicate disguise.

Yesterday, when the pale gray sky offered little contrast, the woods no color, save for the loyal grasp of beech leaves.


But in evidence everywhere, god’s architecture, her sacred comings and goings laid bare.

So, soon the verdant skyline, I know…but I will savor this vista every moment until then, with no apology or second thought.

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Photos ©2015, Jen Payne

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