A Turtle Prayer


The Turtle Prayer
by Travis Bowman

Great Turtle spirit,
I invite you into my life.
I seek your lessons of tremendous patience.
I seek your lessons of stability.
I seek your lessons of the shore.
Lead me along that place
where water touches earth,
the space between movement and stillness.
Remind me that I carry all I need
with me at all times.
Awaken my senses
so that I am prepared for
opportunities as they arrive.
Help me trust that all happens
when and how it should.
Shield me from harm, and share your primal wisdom.
Please, help me remember that my home is with me
wherever I go.
Mother Turtle,
I call to you.

Photo ©2015, Jen Payne

Why did the turtle cross the road?

“Turtles remind us that the way to heaven is through the earth. In Mother Earth is all that we need. She will care for us, protect us, and nurture us, as long as we do the same for her. For that to happen, we must slow down and heighten our sensibilities. We must see the connection to all things. Just as the turtle cannot separate itself from its shell, neither can we separate ourselves from what we do to the Earth.”

— Ted Andrews, Animal-Speak

Common Snapping Turtle, one (Chelydra serpentina)

Common Snapping Turtle, two and above (Chelydra serpentina)

Eastern Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta)

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Photos ©2013, Jen Payne

Saving Turtles and Eating Frogs

On Sunday, I concerned myself with turtles. One turtle to be precise, of the snapping variety. I knew this because snapping turtles have a very distinct face, wonderfully prehistoric and extraterrestrial at the same time.

Mine was crossing the road while I made my way around the pond where I walk. So I scooped him up and placed him gently on the other side of the road. Before anyone gets too concerned, Sunday’s turtle was much smaller than the one shown above — no larger than a half dollar, fitting perfectly in the palm of my hand.

The walk that proceeded this tiny mission of mercy was no less fascinating as I spotted one fairy house, a collection of bright orange mushrooms that would have made Alice giggle, and a matching butterfly who flitted about in a meadow filled with late-summer flowers.

On Monday…sigh…I concerned myself with other things. Work things to be precise, of the overwhelming variety. I knew this because before I even got out of bed, the To-Do gremlins were tugging at the sheets and throwing my pillows on the floor.

Which is why I decided it was time to Eat That Frog!.

[ Click on the frog to watch an inspiring little movie from Simple Truths.]

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©2012, Jen Payne