Today, March 13th, marks the four-year anniversary of Random Acts of Writing!

We started with a post about a loud and strong calling to write — Gotta! — and never looked back.


Today, there are more than 500 people following this blog! It’s been featured on Freshly Pressed, was selected as a Star Blog by the Story Circle Network, and has won several reader awards—most recently a Versatile Blogger and Lighthouse Award.

That’s a lot of kool stuff to celebrate! (wink) But do you know I’m most excited about, here four years in?


Your regular visits to Random Acts of Writing. Your comments and words of wisdom. Your blogs and the things you choose to share with me in return. Your friendship.

I’m thrilled to be part of this community, and I thank you all very much for walking with me on this journey.

Love you!

Tooting Our Own Horn

In their August national newsletter, the Story Circle Network selected Random Acts of Writing to be featured as their Star Blog of the month.

“Jen’s Random Acts of Writing and Art is a visual treat. Her blog has evolved over the years to its current incarnation where her lovely photos are accompanied by a phrase, a quote, or a few paragraphs. The combinations are thought provoking as well as soothing, her connection to nature well evident.”

And then WordPress emailed to let us know that we hit a benchmark of 1,000 Likes. How fun is that?

Thank you, all of you, for your kind words, your ongoing support, and for following along so faithfully. It’s truly a joy to share this journey with you!

Love, Jen

Image: Henry Mosler, Woman Blowing Horn