Time for Some Fiction


In January, I got lost.
Lost in a memoir about getting lost.
Wandering in prose thick
and as full of escort
as a solitary walk in uncharted woods.

And then I spent time with an old man
on paths along the Hudson,
adrift in his thoughts
about nature and the Universe
and an off-track god easily righted.

At night, by bedside beacon,
a poet cast painful memories
of forgotten times
as shadows on my ceiling.
Disoriented — I was only five then —
I had no compass for how to feel.

I think it’s time for some fiction.

WORDS ©2013, Jen Payne
IMAGE: New York Rooftops, My Windows in New York by Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, 1943. Mstislav Valerianovich Dobuzhinsky or Dobujinsky was a Russian-Lithuanian artist noted for his cityscapes conveying the explosive growth and decay of the early twentieth-century city.