One might think it’s just a long stretch of suburbia, with condominiums, houses, apartment buildings, a school and a small shopping plaza lining both sides of the road. But, tucked behind an old fence on the west side of the main road, between a town park and condos, there remains a small piece of my town’s agricultural past, the Zielinski Farm. Once one of several pig farms in town, it now grows hay that is mowed and used by a local dairy farm. Nearly the entire property remains prime farmland soil. In 2014, June Zielinski Emielita left this 13.5-acre farm to our local Land Trust to be kept as open space. On Sunday, I had a chance to walk the boundaries of this hidden gem.

Photos ©2019, Jen Payne. Original text by Bill Horne. Branford Land Trust. Modified by Jen Payne.