No Surprise in the Surprise of It

Yesterday I awoke with a start well before sunrise. I tossed this way and turned that way and tucked my head farther and farther under the covers until I’d had enough and turned on the light for the day. It was no surprise then, as I was taking my first sip of coffee, that a wispy spider crawled out of my hair and down my arm. I nodded my head in both greeting and agreement that this was, of course, what would happen next. Those wiggly thoughts incarnated with more than enough legs to step all over my remaining sanity.

Musings ©2019, Jen Payne. Image by Hinke Schreuders. For more visit:

5 thoughts on “No Surprise in the Surprise of It

  1. I am fighting the discovery of ants crawling on my arm. They are coming in the kitchen window, are invisible on the granite countertop, and when I brush crumbs off into my palm, the crumbs go into the trash cans, but the darned ants crawl for their lives up my arm.


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