Art-5: Remedios Varo

The visionary painter, Remedios Varo (December 16, 1908 – October 8, 1963) typically portrays herself sitting at a desk engaged in magical work, embarking on a journey to unlock true meaning, or dissolving completely into the environment that surrounds her. As a well-studied alchemist, seeker, and naturalist, however dreamlike her imagery may appear, it is in fact reality observed more clearly; Varo painted deep, intuitive, and multi-sensory pictures in hope to inspire learning and promote better individual balance in an interconnected universe. Interestingly, and understandably, it was not until the last 13 years of the artist’s life, having fled war-torn Europe, found home in Mexico (amongst a community of other displaced Surrealists) and finally become free of ongoing financial constraints that she was able to paint prolifically. Every work completed by Varo demonstrates profound technical skill and an extraordinary insight into human nature.

Click here to read more about Remedio Varo and her work.

1. Creation of the Birds

2. Garden of Love

3. Exploring River of The Source Orinonoco

4. Star Maker

5. Gravity

Art-5 is a monthly feature of visual artists and their work. Artist photo and bio from The Art Story,

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