Waiting out the Storm in Room 221

The lights are dim

and the WIFI’s not working

— not worrying—

I came to get away, after all.


From the vantage point of the couch,

I can attest that the wind is blowing:

the west weather vane points north,

but the eastern one can’t make up its mind.


As suggested, in case of emergency,

there’s water in the bathtub

hot and bubbly,

with a new book right nearby.


Forget the milk and bread —

the rationed supplies of

coffee, pastry, pâté and wine

offer comfort enough.


They’d warned of this,

offered alternative dates;

I just brought candles

and my yoga mat.


So the building rocks,

the waves roll,

and I watch from my lookout,

second floor with a view—


like they said,

the porch makes all the difference.




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