21 – Detour

Backlit by morning,
the regiment of flowers
sanguinaria canadensis
calls my attention uphill,
which necessitates
a certain slowing down,
enough to slip quickly
into another space

where ducks live in trees
aix sponsa
and bright blue birds
cyanocitta cristata
allow no one to pass
without alert,

where sprightly shadows
cardinalis cardinalis
poecile atricapillus
baeolophus bicolor
criss-cross my path,
sing-song as they go

where the whispers
of the tallest trees
dance and play
across the pond,

as the great ones
ardea herodias
ardea alba
practice the
yin and yang
of breath
and balance,

while overhead
— catching thermals —
magnificence soars
buteo jamaicensis

and the other world
for a while
is silent.

Bloodroot, wood duck, blue jay, cardinal, chickadee, tufted titmouse, great blue heron, great egret, red tailed hawk, respectively. Photo and Poem ©2018, Jen Payne. National Poetry Month 2018, #21. For more little poems like this, pick up a copy of EVIDENCE OF FLOSSING: WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND! Purchased your signed copy today! CLICK HERE

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