Fifty for Fifty

Ina Garten is my go-to guru for recipes, and she’s never failed me — Roasted Chicken, Scallops Provencal, Sole Meunière. Parfait!

One of her signature recipes, from her cookbook Barefoot in Paris, is a 4-hour Roasted Lamb. Simmered with lots of herbs and served with her Provencal French Beans, these two recipes have been begging me to make them for years!

It’s why, no doubt, they appear on my grand 50 FOR 50 list. Yes, neatly written up on a two-page spread in my journal are the 50 things I wish to do here in my 50th year on the planet. Fifty.

Anyone who knows me knows I love lists, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start the big five-oh than to a) buy a new journal, and b) make a list!

I’m happy to report that just this morning I checked off 27. Make Ina Garten’s 4-Hour Lamb. It made for a delicious Easter dinner…and leftovers!

Nearby on the 50 FOR 50?

2. Eat a hot fudge sundae (because I haven’t in years)
26. Prepare Cassoulet
47. Have oysters at Grand Central Oyster

No, Go on a Diet is not on the list, but it does include 6. Hike the Round Branford Trail and 48. Take a yoga class.

The first item on the list — 1. Cross Country Road Trip — is as exciting as a chance to explore 5. The Guggenheim, 18. Boston, and 39. MOMA, because, honestly? Turning 50 gives you the suddenly-inspired perspective that It’s Time.

Time to 12. Write the next book! 19. Get a tattoo? 37. Plant an herb garden

Time to 40. Bake a cake and celebrate…even if the big day is still months away. Because 50 is too big for just one day and just one wish. Don’t you agree?

©2016, Jen Payne

6 thoughts on “Fifty for Fifty

  1. Hi Jen
    Glad you are thinking about your upcoming
    SPLASH of a birthday! When is it exactly you young thing!
    I’ve been enjoying your poems !
    XX elizabeth


  2. LOVE this Jen – You are an inspiration! Who can’t love a list that includes eating a hot fudge sundae?! 🙂 (is there a specific Ina Garten cookbook that you recommend if someone were to only get one?)


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