False Hope

It is all construct—isn’t it?

These gods, demigods and dogmas.

The prayers we offer up now

no more or less real

than any kingdom before —

its princes and emporers

demanding worship

……….then, now, tomorrow.

How foolish to dance in these robes,

to sing praises and promise.

In the end, there will be silence,

naked but the peat,

and roots that thread ribs.

How futile words in the shadow of that.

How silly faith and following.

Words ©2016, Jen Payne; Image, The Emperors New Clothes, Edmund Dulac.

2 thoughts on “False Hope

  1. Be careful Jen. If Somnos hears things like that while he’s on a Small gods ‘believers’ recruitment drive he may interrupt your sleep the way he does mine. His brothers are no better and one smells of goats, now that does keep you awake.I will have to deny reading this.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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