The Love-Hate Challenge


Recently, the lovely C.B. Wentworth invited me to the LOVE-HATE CHALLENGE. Never one to pass up a chance to flex my blogging muscles, I’ve taken up the gauntlet. The rules are pretty simple:

• Make a list of 10 things you love
• Make a list of 10 things you hate
• Nominate 10 bloggers

First of all, there are very few things I hate-hate. I was raised to be open-minded and try-everything-once, and I do my best to maintain those qualities in my daily life. (Besides, I’d much rather focus on the positive.)

But, why don’t I start with HATE, so we can get those out of the way. Ready?


  1. the absolutes of religion, politics, and western medicine
  2. lack of respect for the serial comma
  3. animal cruelty and the abuse of our environment
  4. complainers who aren’t problem solvers
  5. hypocracy
  6. learning the same lesson over and over again
  7. the inexorable invasiveness of technology
  8. development in the name of consumerism
  9. futile pursuits and being unproductive
  10. umami

Done. Now for the good stuff: LOVE!


  1. a really good book you don’t want to put down; reading; bookstores; used book sales; the smell of old books; bookshelves
  2. music as a life soundtrack; finding new music; singing out loud in my car
  3. going places; taking vacations; seeing new things; planning the next trip; maps, brochures, and tourist information centers
  4. the magic of serendipity, friendships, and falling in love; messages from angels
  5. early morning walks, walks on the off-season beach, walks in the rain; being out and about in nature
  6. taking time off and being as off-the-grid as I can tolerate; airplane mode on my iphone; realizing there’s no wifi
  7. yoga, breathing, and sanskrit chanting; incense; the sound my yoga mat makes when I roll it out on the floor; downward dog
  8. creating: writing, photography, art, food
  9. anything and anyone that makes me laugh, the harder and louder and longer the better
  10. coffee; donuts; cookies; pizza; red meat; Mexican food in Texas
  11. semicolons; not following the rules

Wanna Try? Here are 10 bloggers I’m challenging, but please, feel free to jump right in and leave your 10 Things in the comments below!

(Thanks C.B.! xoxo)


Crowing Crone

Life Is Full of Sweet Spots

Ordinary Handsome


Party and Soul

Promenade Plantings

Seven Sisters Arts

Spirituality without Borders


Writing on the Rim

IMAGE: Life Death Love Hate Pleasure Pain, Bruce Nauman, 1983

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