7 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon

  1. Even if I can’t “like” this piece on line, I still “Like”it…. especially the woodpecker…matt

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  2. Well, that, Dear Jen, is exquisitely lovely! And so wise… Actually, all your posts are lovely and wise, but somehow this one called me to respond. We, too, are awakened by birdsong here in the summer months. We never see the choristers, never know where they are, but we surely do hear them. Around here, they start up around 5:15 am, and finish up by 6:00 am. By that time, I’m awake, and they’re silent. Maybe that’s the whole point: I’m awake – and their job is done.


    1. A friend told me recently that you can hear the very first bird begin the concert, and listen as they all wake up and sing. I’d never noticed before! See if you can hear the “one voice” start up some morning!


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