Construct of Fools


You speak to
Word of Law,
but what would He
say of your temples
built to commerce,
your worship
of false idols
and profits?

There will be
no salvation
from this.
In our ruins,
only constructs
of fools,
and bones of

©2015, Jen Payne, #16 National Poetry Month
Photo by Kevin Domantay.

4 thoughts on “Construct of Fools

  1. powerful words. I read a story, years ago, that one of the workers who helped build the CN Tower in Toronto, scratched into one of the bricks “to the glory of God”. This led me to surmise that thousands of years from now, when our civilization is uncovered from ruins, it will be determined that this is what we worshiped. Which of course is not far off from reality.


  2. Thumbs up! Thank goodness the 3 car garages, storage facilities, attics and basements all got filled before the mall closed. What is the figure, that there is enough storage facility floor space for every person in America to stand in? Just crazy.It can’t always be “more”.


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