The Promise of Costco


Oh good, I just read
we’ll have a new store!
I was worried a moment:
where would I buy more?

More trinkets and whatnots,
more must-haves and then,
not one or two thingies
but eight, nine…no TEN!

Ten more things to purchase,
ten more for display,
ten more for the storage
I rented today.

©2015, Jen Payne

5 thoughts on “The Promise of Costco

  1. All that life filling stuff at such great prices! Who knew anyone would need a 180 piece plastic food storage container set. Good company to work for though..


  2. i dread this… more traffic! if they must put up a new store, couldn’t it be something a little nicer? not for nothing, but i wouldn’t mind a Trader Joe’s nearly as much… if Costco is anything like BJs (and trust me, it is) they sell way more processed food than organic, plus a bunch of junk like ugly expensive jewelry, cell phones, patio furniture – we already have Walmart & Kohl’s…


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