At Year’s End…


At the end of a session of yoga, you make your way to a pose called Shavasana, which comes from the Sanskit words Shava (corpse) and Asana (posture). Corpse pose.

The intention of Shavasana, the ritual closing of any yoga session, is to allow your body to regroup and reset itself.

Perhaps that explains my general sense of things here at year’s end. I am not so much slothful or lazy as I am in an extended, two-week Shavasana — allowing my psyche to both reflect and regroup. Stealing the chance to process this year that has been so full and so good I find myself wondering when I returned the Gobstopper!

At the beginning of the year, astrology guru Rob Brezsny predicted things would move more rapidly than usual in 2014. “You will be traveling a more direct route, and you will be both wide and deep.”

He neglected to mention that by the end of the 12 months, I would have faced fears, found sweet closures, accomplished life-long goals, felt greater and safer connection to the world around me, and fallen in love.

But no one would be so brash.

Better to experience that kind of year slowly, like a well-paced session of yoga: breathe, stretch, move, bend, and breathe some more.

Better to step into the new year in the same way, I suppose. No heavy lifting of resolutions (yet). No twisty reflections on what was or wasn’t or could have been better. Just a quiet deep breath with the earth firmly supporting what is about to become.

Wishing you a refreshing year-end Shavasana and a joyful start to 2015…

With love,


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