The Breath of Connections

Helen Hills Hills Chapel, Northampton, MA

It was an escape of connections — meaning an escape to connections, about connections.

In Northampton, Massachusetts, I re-connected with my college roommate Melissa, mere miles from where we met in Amherst nearly 30 years ago.

Jen and Melissa

After a meal and the start of a conversation that would continue on until morning, we enjoyed an evening with Krishna Das at First Churches of Northampton, a stunning backdrop for a sacred concert of Sanskrit chanting.

Krishna Das, First Churches of Northampton

My breath rises within me,
the breath of the heart.
The sweet breath.
The sacred breath leads me in.

– Krishna Das

The next day, a visit with friends Judith and Frank, and the gift of a conversation that unfolded over six hours—food, books, writers, words (and silence), how we process…how we love. “To me the give-and-take of conversation is the breath of life,” Judith writes on her blog, Touch2Touch, which served as our introduction several years ago. How wonderful its tagline: “Only connect!” Amen.

Jen and Judith

Frank reading one of the first copies of LOOK UP!, Jen’s new book

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