A Few of My Favorite Things


It was a wonderful Birthday Weekend here, filled with all of my favorite things: good friends and family, yummy food, travel, a walk in the woods, books, cake. I feel incredibly blessed!


Umbrella cocktails and lunch with Mary Anne and Tara. Having so much fun, the waiter joined us for a selfie!


Mary Anne and I visiting friends Judith and Frank in Amherst.


A walk in the woods on a 65-degree summer morning. Glorious!


Birthday gifts from the Universe.


Donuts! (Need I say more?)


A visit to the local bookstore and two new books – thanks to a winning scratch-off lottery ticket from my friend Steve.


Lunch at HOME in Branford. The best patty melts on the planet and a glass of wine, courtesy of the owner, Jared.


Cake and singing with my nephew, sister and Mary Anne.


I could not have wished for anything more – thanks everyone for making it an AWESOME weekend!  xoxo

IMAGE: Happy Birthday, Fernando Botero, 1971

6 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. What an incredibly fun-filled birthday! I’m getting that it was happy, but Happy Birthday, anyway. That lunch looks yummy. The bookstore, inviting, the gifts from the universe ? YAY! and the donuts? Need I say more? 🙂


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