When I am dreaming, come kiss me.


The grass was damp darling,

or I would have been there sooner.

I slipped back inside for slippers,

the silver ones you like so much.

Then up the ladder of branches I went,

to the path set down by stars,

first North then left at Ursa Major.

I could’t bear the thought of missing you,

so I skipped the clouds like hopscotch,

tossing raindrops at my feet —

jump so high, touch the sky

turn around, touch the ground

And there I was,

led by moonlight to your side.

“Tonight when I am dreaming, kiss me,”

you were talking in your sleep.

“I just did,” I whispered as I opened my eyes.

WORDS ©2014, Jen Payne
IMAGE: Stella Dei Cieli by Edward Robert Hughes

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