Today, March 13th, marks the four-year anniversary of Random Acts of Writing!

We started with a post about a loud and strong calling to write — Gotta! — and never looked back.


Today, there are more than 500 people following this blog! It’s been featured on Freshly Pressed, was selected as a Star Blog by the Story Circle Network, and has won several reader awards—most recently a Versatile Blogger and Lighthouse Award.

That’s a lot of kool stuff to celebrate! (wink) But do you know I’m most excited about, here four years in?


Your regular visits to Random Acts of Writing. Your comments and words of wisdom. Your blogs and the things you choose to share with me in return. Your friendship.

I’m thrilled to be part of this community, and I thank you all very much for walking with me on this journey.

Love you!

8 thoughts on “CELEBRATE FOUR!

  1. Congratulations–absolutely wonderful. I need to find someone with more computer savvy to help me with mine. I cannot even figure out how to follow through with the Versatile Award you sent my way–and so many thanks to you for that.


    1. Thanks. Let me know if I can help get that award on for you. It should just be a matter of uploading the file, adding an IMAGE field to your Widgets, and importing the graphic into the widget. Voila! LOL


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