Celebrating Our Ongoing Conversation!


The numbers don’t lie! It looks like 2013 was a banner year for this blog, and I am grateful to all of you for joining along in this journey of Random Acts of Writing!

According to our WordPress Annual Report, our most popular posts this year were:

When Opportunity…Slithers?
Backyard Respite
• When Animals Speak [ Frog ]
• Lola Kisses
• Big Lesson, Little Teacher

Here are some…


And if you ever wonder…


That map right there shows the true success of this blog, and of all of us in this blogging community. Those colored spaces and all of those crunched numbers? They represent the ongoing conversation we’re having—the subtle, human conversation that surpasses and surmounts the louder voices which so often ignore the beauty of our connections and our innate commonality.

I am truly blessed to be a part of that.



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