2014: GO!


If you talk to me this time of year, or read my blog posts, you would think I am super zealous about New Year’s Resolutions. That I have an endless list of self-improvement tasks to make me a better human being.

And while I do select one thing I would like to accomplish each year…

Quit Smoking (2009)
Start Recycling (2010)
Learn Yoga (2011)
Take a Do-Nothing Vacation (2012)
Get Published (2013)
Publish My Book (2014)

…the truth is, my New Year’s resolutions — I call them INTENTIONS — have been the same every year for many years:

Write More
Move More
Travel More
Read More

So New Year’s, to me, is more of a reset than a gauntlet-throwing challenge to my self-worth. It’s a chance to clear the board, put the dog back at GO! and see what happens this time around.

1914This year, in the on-going effort to READ MORE, I have once again signed up for the annual Goodreads Reading Challenge. This will be my second effort at this and I’m excited about it!

Last year, I managed to meet more than 50% of my goal — 28 books! That’s more than I’d read in previous years, and a pretty cool feat.

Want to join me in the 2014 Reading Challenge?
• Sign up here: www.goodreads.com
• Follow me here: www.goodreads.com/user/show/16014792-jen

So, what are you doing for the new year? Do you have a one thing? A list of things? Or do you prefer to wing it—move your piece around the board unfettered?

• • •

One More Walk Around the Boardwalk, by photographer Eric Endow. Reprinted with permission. You can see more of his work on his website, www.endowphotography.com.


6 thoughts on “2014: GO!

  1. I call them intentions also, but every morning I execute a short meditation of about ten minutes and include my intentions for the day. My main thing for 2014 is get my book published. After doing the twist on New Year’s Eve, I realized that yoga is not enough so cardio of some sort seems like a good idea. I am a Goodreads members but did not even know about the challenge and will definitely check it out. Happy New Year!!


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