Invention of Monsters


how does fear manifest itself for you — 
does it keep you from doing what you love?
from doing your best?
from putting yourself out in the world?

does your fear keep you clinging to things
which serve no purpose?
which offer false security?
which are familiar but fatal?

does your fear demand that you ignore
your inner voice?
your dreams and goals?
everything you know to be true about yourself?

or does your fear lie to you —
convince you that you can’t?
convince you that you shouldn’t?
convince you that you never will?

what if you learned that fear does not exist?
that fear is only thought?
that you make it all up?

what then would you manifest instead?

• • •

©2013, Jen Payne
Image: Invention of the Monsters, Salvador Dalí, 1937

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