Sunday Sabbath (or Sin?)


You can take the girl out of the donut shop, but you can’t take the donut shop out of the girl.


This classic donut shop, the Donut Dip in West Springfield, Massachusetts, brings back fond memories of working in a similar place while I was in college. The sights, the sounds, the smells! Some day, I will write about it all. For now, I’ll have two cinnamon sugar and one black raspberry jelly, please.


(Missing: black raspberry jelly, which was no longer available at the time of this photo.)

©2013, Jen Payne

15 thoughts on “Sunday Sabbath (or Sin?)

  1. I was trying to be good (it seems, ummmm, my belt shrunk over the summer) but, now, thanks to the imagery I have no choice but to head out in search of sweet whipped-creamy awesomeness.
    Now that would not be so bad but the fact is that I just cleaned up from a big breakfast consisting of, among other things, chocolate chip pancakes in which the chocolate chunks were pieces of broken-up Aero bar. And yes they were good.
    Oh, and the stuffed turkey I just out in the oven. It mates well with the trummed naval beef ( a NL tradition) have boiling away in the slow cooker. Later it will be joined by Cabbaga, Turnip, Carrot, Parsnip and spuds.
    Maybe I should just get a belt that fits better… It’s all your fault, of course.


  2. Great post! Jen, when you’ve eaten a really good donut there’s no going back… My next door neighbor here (now deceased) once surprised me with a basket of fresh homemade donuts left outside our front door. They were still warm and I tell you, I will dream about their taste and smell for the rest of my life. YUM!


  3. My favorite is apple cider donuts, but not just any cider donuts…the best ones In The World are at Smith’s Orchards in Galway, NY. If I lived closer to them that would be my blood type!


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