When You Know It’s Right


It’s easy, sometimes, to question our decisions. To wonder if we’re heading in the best direction, making the right choices.

We look for signals or confirmation. A little fanfare. We want validation, maybe even a gold star — or an A+ written in red somewhere.

But atta-girls don’t always come loudly. Sometimes they arrive softly…in the form of a sweet little cat who jumps into your lap for the first time and lets you know you’re both right where you’re supposed to be.

©2013. Photo: Lola and Jen and a TV.

Read more about Lola here.

14 thoughts on “When You Know It’s Right

  1. Makes me think of Reebok, who did just that. Didn’t really like laps, but would snuggle up against my legs and watch TV with me. TV was a favorite pastime of his, not the talking news heads, but he loved action sports and cat food commercials…sometimes even Iron Chef.


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