Gratitude x 10


“What are you grateful for today?” asked a recent Peaceful Daily blog post by Sandy Corso.

These were her musings on the subject: “Today I am grateful for…the woods, fast moving water, watermelon, my rebounder, my family, hydrangeas, Wheatie (our cat), dancing in the rain, hot yoga, my new Prius, string beans in the garden, Bosco (our dog), kindness, laughter, green juice, the sun, technology, Dr Bronner’s soap, fresh mountain air, my hair, synchronically, my eyes, big waves, my fearlessness, generosity and compassion!”

It’s easy to forget, isn’t it, the great many things we have to be grateful for every day? From the small gifts, like veggies in the garden, to the larger ones we take for granted: the air we breathe, the sun!

It’s especially easy to forget our blessings when complaints are right at our fingertips: it’s too hot, I’m tired, things didn’t go the way I wanted.

So, let’s do this together. Right now. Let’s think of 10 things we each have to be grateful for! I’ll start  – please add yours to the comments!

  1. this morning’s rainstorm
  2. Peter, Paul and Mary (
  3. Lola let me pick her up for the first time
  4. celebrating my nephew’s second birthday
  5. discovering iced coffee
  6. a collection of birthday cards from loved ones
  7. living room yoga when it’s too hot to walk
  8. books, books, and more books
  9. beautiful places to walk
  10. you!

• • •

©2013, Jen Payne

14 thoughts on “Gratitude x 10

  1. Awesome idea and my ten things are: loving family; amazing friends; cool breeze on a hot summer night; walking to work; iced coffee; digital memories; finding unique items on sale; the sound of the ocean; sharing laughter; and tiger lilies.


  2. You are number one, Jen–I needed this.
    that photo of the swan
    my dear friends who say the right thing at the right time
    my new grand niece and her name, Lily Grace
    my son clean & sober
    my grands
    granddaughter, Cora brushing my hair
    Maggie, my cave/home/travel trailer
    living near the beach
    my freedom


  3. *Monsoon winds are cooling things down
    *my dog is adorable and he makes me smile
    *a good book on a cloudy morning = a little slice of heaven
    *knitting projects aplenty 🙂
    *the melons in the garden are almost ready to pick
    *a lunch date with friends
    *waking up to a cat’s meow
    *remembering where the lever is to turn on my windshield wipers (it’s been so long since I needed them!
    *looking forward to an evening with my family

    Thanks for the reminder to make a gratitude list! 🙂


  4. Mt mum was brilliant at this, I need to take a leaf from her book, and yours more often!
    Today it would be my partner, my friends, the sun, the dogs we are walking, walking in the woods, coffee in the morning, blogging, inspiration, giggles and the cool of the evening
    Thank you


  5. Okay — the challenge of this post and its gorgeous attendant swan and its fabulous author I’m privileged to know; air-conditioning on this hot day; my iPhone; CHOCOLATE (deserves 2 or 3 spots); The Hub; curiosity; corn is in season!; asparagus; books; friends throughout the world.
    That’s today — the list would change from day to day, and grow and grow.


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