When We Come to It

Are we building bridges?
Finding easement
where there was none?

Should I cross over?
Discover what waits
on the other side?

Can we bridge the gap?
Find common ground?

Or burn it down?

Move on, more forward,
like water under the bridge,
gone and almost forgot.

12 thoughts on “When We Come to It

  1. Love this, Jen. Makes me want to take a walk in the woods. I forget how much I miss them since my move to the beach…ah, I need a woodsy beach next! I’ll get it right one of these days :>)


      1. I grew up in the woods, raised my kids in the woods, but always dreamed of the beach. After my husband died, I was so harassed by lawyers and his adult daughters, that I ran away from home (in the woods) to the beach. I’ve been here 3+ years. But your picture made me yearn for a visit to my woods… thanks again. Patti


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