On Your Birthday

Very often I walk alone,

and Wednesday was no different.

The morning was perfect —

you would have loved it —

so I stepped away from the

day-to-day I know you knew so well,

and went for a walk before noon.

I was sorry no one joined us —

but I celebrated quietly,

my memories like a mantra.

Oh the stories I would tell if

we gathered to tell them —

those of us who are left

here on your seventieth birthday.

But very often I walk alone,

and Wednesday was no different.

Except I knew that you were there.

• • •

Photo & Poem ©2013, Jen Payne

14 thoughts on “On Your Birthday

  1. I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY HE IS NOT STILL WITH YOU HERE ON THIS PLANE JEN!!!! He would be sooo proud of you and you two would be enjoying the time and growth and company. You are a marvel!!


  2. This is so sweet. My mom’s 70th would have been last Christmas. It is a good day to remember those who we have lost, especially parents. What a nice way for you to do it.


    1. Thanks Kristin. I like the idea of the honoring birth day rather than the death day That was the tradition, go to the gravesite on the anniversary of death. I’d rather celebrate the life…and the birthday seems like a good day to do that! Even more so if is around Christmas, like your Mom’s. What a good time for remembering!


  3. Well, Jen, the Universe has certainly made you a special messenger for me today! Sunday is B’s 75th birthday (does every single thing, except OUR birthdays, happen in June?). We’re having a “big party” here tomorrow. I’m basically doing “nothing,” since the food is being catered; the tent guys came on Tuesday, and did their thing; our housekeeper came yesterday and took care of all of that… So I’ve had some real quiet time today.

    I’ve never approached “hostessing” a Big Event from such a place of stillness, before, in my entire life… And it’s a wonderful thing. (I think you already know that, wise woman!) So your beautiful photo and words appeared, and I found them truly magical. They are!

    Thank you!



    1. Sounds like you’re in for a giant life celebration! And approaching it for a good and balance perspective. Good for you and HAVE A BLAST!!!


      BTW, when do we get to see more of your lovely blog posts?!?


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