Like my breath in yoga, I am both expanding and contracting today.

Full inhales of breath open me up and stretch me farther.

Deep exhales draw me inside, grounded.

A desire to set my writing out into the world has me reaching, taking bolder steps. Stating my intentions clearly and with full purpose like full breath.

At the same time, recent health concerns find me going inward, centering myself and my thoughts on healing. Quietly meditating on positive and easy outcomes.

This morning,

as I inhale

and exhale

I spy an Owl perched upon a branch outside my window. It is the second day she has kept watch, and it is magical.

“The Owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom,” writes Ted Andrews in Animal-Speak. Over time, the Owl has been associated with the feminine, the moon, the night, fertility, higher wisdom, protection, clairvoyance. It is believed to have healing powers, and is able to extract secrets from the darkness of the human spirit. Owl brings with it the message of truth and awareness.

In my breath today there is both.

There is an inhale of truth as I claim my words and my story as my own to tell.

There is an exhale of awareness as I listen quielty to what my body needs to say, to the story it has to tell.

And so this morning,

as I inhale

and exhale

it is no surprise that my spirit guide the Hawk alights upon a tree just three branches above the Owl. Hawk is always with me, guiding, protecting. Hawk “can wake visionary power and lead you to your life purpose,” Andrews explains. “It is the messenger bird. Whenever it shows up, pay attention. There is a message coming.”

A message. A blessing. And breath.


• • •

6 thoughts on “Guardians

  1. Oooh… What a wonderful owl! And then the hawk arrived… My friend Bets has had hawks guiding her for many years now, and I was thrilled to hear you speak of them as the messenger birds for you, too. XO, C


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