Am I drawing the same cat again?

gu·ru [goor-oo, goo-roo] / noun
an intellectual or spiritual guide or leader; any person who counsels or advises; mentor.


As many of you know, one of my “gurus” is Rob Brezsny of Free Will Astrology. His weekly messages regularly serve as inspiration and food for thought as I make my way through this journey.

I am surprised at how often his words echo my own thoughts and experiences. I think I love the serendipity of that as much as I love his creative, riddle-like nuggets of wisdom.

This week’s message did not disappoint.

“Herbert Kitchener served as the British Consul-General in Egypt early last century. He wasn’t impressed with the creativity of the ancient nation’s art. “I can’t think much of the people who drew cats the same for 4,000 years,” he remarked. Is there an equivalent to this lack of development in your own life, Cancerian? Among your own activities, are there any whose history has shown no progression? Did you reach a certain skill level in some area of your life and then stop pushing to improve? This would be an excellent time to identify that knot of excess stability, and then get started on dissolving it.”

It’s not that my life is moving along without improvements. Goodness knows it is moving and improving and changing daily. But there are still some pieces that are kind of stuck.

I’m thinking, in particular of some projects “whose history has shown no progression.” My computer and art space are filled with them.

Some, like Les Deux Amis en France, a travel journal, are finally seeing the light of day (watch for details on Friday), while some haven’t gone anywhere in years.

Some I’ve made concerted effort to complete, like Alice Pretending, who finally showed her lovely face in July. And some, like the foolish princess and the woman who dances with the devil, may never have their day in the sun.

Still others demand to be seen. They have indeed enjoyed “excess stability,” hiding in the gigabytes of this computer for far too long. I’m talking about the writing that needs an audience — not just here on this blog, but out there. Printed, published, in people’s hands to read and sit with and consider.

If I am not drawing the same cats over and over again, surely I have been sitting here staring at them long enough. And it’s time to set them off to bigger and better things!

How about you? Are there some cats you need to shoo?

• • •

Original photo by Megan Payne (no relation, that I know of), on Etudes en Europe, with some digital enhancement.

10 thoughts on “Am I drawing the same cat again?

  1. Well, I see your point.
    I even see your conclusion.
    But when — for instance — the cats are so perfect, it’s hard, it’s hard.

    A wise monk I knew once came to this sobering conclusion, The good is the enemy of the better.


    1. Interesting point: “the good is the enemy of the better.” I think about that often myself. This, this blog writing – as you know – is a joy. It inspires us and makes us work and think and WRITE. It is good. Ah – but that other work? That other writing? Oh, if that got the same kind of daily attention! It would be…better!


  2. i will take it as a sign that change is good and there’s no time like the present… don’t know about shoo-ing away but i’ll certainly be ushering in some new things – then perhaps the old ones will just walk off on their own!


    1. There’s always the decision, right? Stay with this – or make the change. Continue on this path – or move that way now. It can be difficult to choose, I think, when both call to you, when both have their own merits.


  3. What a thoughtful post!

    I have so many unfinished projects that just sit and collect dust. It’s time to clean out the closet once again! I am plodding along on query letters and figuring out how to write a synopsis, but its all slow going. The way I see it, I just have to be patient with myself as I am learning something new.

    However, I have a second novel started (its halfway completed) and I haven’t touched it in months. Its time to get moving on that again if I expect to do any growing as writer this year. 😉


    1. With unfinished projects, do you find you write/work in circles. What was in that now shows up in this? That thought process is over here now? Or is it just old stuff, old thinkings, collecting dust – as you say?

      I can’t decide if the old projects deserve to come back, or are better left behind. Maybe the good pieces come out as something new? I don’t know.

      But you – a second novel?? Now that’s a new cat for sure!! Congrats!


  4. Not so sure I agree with Herbert Kitchener or Rob, even though I’m the same sign. Having four cats living with me, each is a work of art in progress.;-)

    I think there is a limit to how far reaching one can go. I’d love to be a full on cat lady. There is something to be said for moderation.

    If I am well focused on one or two projects I find that digging up those unfinished ones in the middle of it only adds to procrastination.It becomes a matter of priorities for me. I have all those beading projects and too much yarn begging to be crocheted. But do I want to take them up and put aside my writing when I’m on a roll? (Especially when health matters interfere.) Best to leave them as well earned luxuries to enjoy when the high priorities are finished, perhaps. Besides, I wonder that Herbert considered all those representations of Bastet were art.


    1. “Well-earned luxuries.” I like that! And how blessed are we to have things we love to do AS WELL AS luxuries to attend to otherwise?

      As for cats…my little family is down to just me and Emily now. We seem to be enjoying a sweet reconnection…


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