Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to?
Do you know?*

Twice a year, I sit back and reflect.

In July, on my birthday, I ask: what am I not doing that I want to be doing? where am I supposed to be?

In January, at New Year’s, I ask: what do I want to do next? where am I supposed to be?

It is the huge juxtaposition in my life. The big irony. (The cosmic joke?) For as much as I loathe/fear/resist/avoid CHANGE, I am LOST without it.

So, twice a year, I reflect.

What will I change?
What will be different?
What will be better?
What needs to go?

What will I learn?
What will I do?
Where will I go?
What will I see?

What leaves?
What stays?
What do I dream?
What do I wish?

I reflect. And then I make a list.

I don’t call them “resolutions”—you might as well give up before your start with that moniker. Instead, I take a cue from my lovely Feng Shui guru Sharon and call them “intentions.”

What do you INTEND to do next?

It’s not an easy process, but it’s not as belabored as it sounds, either. We all have an inner GPS that lets us know if we’re on the right path. If we’ve detoured a bit from our purpose. If there are roads we haven’t traveled yet, or roads we’ve been on for too long.

For me, New Year’s is just a time to pay attention to that for a while. Take some readings, make some adjustments, plot a new course.

So…what are YOUR intentions for the New Year? Where are you going?

• • •

Another of my gurus is Rob Brezny. Rob writes the most profound horoscopes each week under the guise of Free Will Astrology. This is his prediction for my 2011.

“Decades ago, the U.S. built a network of sleek expressways to make it fast and easy for cars to travel between cities. But like many of America’s impressive engineering feats, this one took little account of what the human soul might enjoy. Ugly buildings or empty spaces surround many of those roads. Visually, the difference between I-95 in Georgia and I-74 in Illinois is negligible. “The Interstate highway system has made it possible,” said Charles Kuralt, “to go from sea to shining sea without seeing anything.” You cannot afford to let this be your operative metaphor in 2011, Cancerian. Your potential for rapid, extensive progress is sizable, but it would be a mistake to barrel along with your eyes fixed on the prize in the distance as you neglect what’s happening along the way. Be both global and local; romance the details as you revel in the big picture.”

Check out yours at Free Will Astrology. He has a gift!

• • •

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• Photo by Harris Qureshi, Travel + Leisure Photo Contest

Home & Harmony, Sharon McNamara, Feng Shui Consultant

*Theme from Mahogany, written by Michael Masser and Gerald Goffin.

8 thoughts on “Where are you going?

  1. Our horoscope is the same and I’m touched by the idea that though I might have goals, keeping my eyes on the prize while ignoring the path will keep me from recieving universal gifts along the way. I think your idea of “intention” ties in with that. Narrow path with side blinders gives narrow results.

    I especially liked your advice to “Take some readings, make some adjustments, plot a new course.” Thanks for this posting, Jen!


    1. Rob’s daily horoscopes have a unique way of getting you to see the “where you’re at” in such a whimsical way – I just love him. And look to him each week for those little “adjustments.” Love the “narrow path wth side binders give narrow results”! Happy New Year Elizabeth!


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