Swimming with Dolphin

Mermaid and Dolphon

Last night I dreamed of dolphins. Then one. One dolphin. He was in a large pool in a store or a zoo or a mall. My cats, Crystal and Emily, were there. We were shopping. And then I was swimming with the dolphin.

As I slept soundly, curled around Crystal’s warm little body, I felt such joy in my heart. A dolphin!

And then I was sad. Suddenly, there wasn’t enough water in the pool!

I apologized to the dolphin. I called for help. I ran through the store, the zoo, the mall—trying to get enough water. Trying to find something I could do!

And then I woke up.

Later, coffee in hand, I paged through Ted Andrews’ Animal-Speak, looking for a little insight. I have never dreamed of dolphins before!

The dolphin, it turns out, is a symbol for breathing and rhythm. Its close relationship with water gives it the essence of creation, life, and new dimensions. To early Christians, it was a symbol of salvation, and for the ancient Greeks, it was a sacred messenger of the gods.

“When dolphin shows up,” Andrews writes, “it is time to breathe some new life into yourself. Get out, play, explore and most of all breathe.”

There’s a theme here.

Just the day before, I’d received my weekly horoscope courtesy of Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology. Rob has a gifted ability to tap into the stars and present you with wild, whimsical, magical thoughts for the week ahead.

I always know when my course is aligned with the Universe, because Rob’s words echo my thoughts and dreams as if he were my best friend.

“Don’t try harder, try easier,” he wrote this week. “Don’t turn your focus into a white-hot beam of piercing intensity; relax your focus into a soft-eyed enjoyment of playing around with the possibilities. Don’t tense your sphincter, marshal your warrior ferocity, and stir up your righteous anger at how life refuses to conform to your specifications; rather, send waves of tenderness through your body, open your heart to the experiment of blending your energy with life’s unpredictable flow, and marvel at the surprising revelations and invitations that are constantly flowing your way.”

Everything will just work out, he reassures me.
You don’t have to control everything.

Dive into the unpredictable!

Swim in the water of something new!

And above all else—breathe!

• • •

Photo of Mermaid and Dolphin sculpture by Connie Butler. Posted here with her permission. Thanks, Connie! (www.conniebutlersculptures.com)

And as always, thanks Rob! (www.freewillastrology.com)

Copies of Animal-Speak can be purchased here.

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