“Sometimes you can only do one thing at a time,” a friend reassured me when I explained my recent creative hiatus.

I spent the last six months quitting smoking — that was my “one thing.” But somewhere in the recesses of my nicotine-free brain there have been whispers. gotta write. gotta create. gotta get going.

There’s writing to be done — a short story to finish, a poem to rework. There’s art to do — the journal pages, the gift for a friend. There’s the blog. the blog.

I’ve been thinking of reviving Random Acts of Writing [+art] for a while now, but only in whispers. gotta write. gotta create. gotta get going.

Maybe it was the burst of spring this week that turned up the volume on those gottas. Or was it last weekend’s monsoon rainstorm that had me channeling Gene Kelly’s Gotta Dance?


So, here we are. Random Acts of Writing [+art], two point oh. I have not worked out the kinks yet: what’s it all about? what are my intentions? All I know is — right now? — I gotta.

Here’s hoping I can do it with as much joy and enthusiasm as Gene!


– Jen

• • •

©2010, Jennifer Payne

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